Economic Fairness

It is not right or fair that banks make billions of dollars a year from ATM, checking, and overdraft fees when most of the people paying them are coming from middle class and poor neighborhoods.  The more money you have in the bank the fewer fees you pay and that should be the other way around.  If you are a millionaire those little fees are barely a drop in the bucket for you therefore you are the ones who should be paying fees not the poor and middle class. The poorer you are the higher your interest rates for everything from credit cards to car loans and even trying to buy a house.  Why are the poor paying more than the rich?  It makes no sense; we get the least amount of services and pay the most in fees.  We also need to make sure large corporations are paying their fair share of taxes instead of bragging about paying little to nothing at all. If they paid their fair share there would be better services in the community; there would be better streets to drive and walk, better schools for kids to learn, and better services for the homeless.  We need this to be leveled so that the situation is much fairer. We do this by:

1. Eliminating all ATM fees for any accounts that have $50K or less in combined checking and savings accounts.

2. Eliminating all checking and savings account fees that have $50k or less.

3. Low rate credit cards, car, and home loans for people who make 50K or less regardless of credit score to help them build credit while not being gouge with high fees.

4. Overdraft fees no higher than $5 for accounts that have 50K or less.

5. Everyone should have to take a 2-day money management and budgeting session before getting issued credit limits over one thousand dollars. The organizations can charge $0 - $50 for the sessions.

6. Make large corporations pay their fair share of taxes. None of the returns should say zero owed!