Health Care

Medicare for All.


I’ve spent many years without health insurance because in the past health insurance was usually linked to employment and since I usually worked as a temporary employee I was not eligible and could not afford to pay for it on my own. Why work as a temp? Because temporary work is better than no work at all.  We are a first world country and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to have universal healthcare for everyone. I had it while I lived in London for almost 2 years and it was great knowing whenever I needed to see a doctor I could without any issues. When I got back to the US I had to go without health insurance again because I couldn’t afford it and believe me it is no picnic having to use the emergency room as your primary care doctor.  Many are concerned about a death panel making decisions for their life. Well either way a panel will be deciding so which do you prefer a panel on a for-profit company who have to answer to shareholders and pay dividends who is financial vested and motivated by your death which may be cheaper than getting you healthy or a panel of your peers who only want to do what is best?  Choose wisely!